About Enerside

Over 15 years of experience developing renewable
energy projects

Founded in 2007

Enerside is a fast-growing fully integrated solar PV platform with global presence headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

Specialized in the development, construction and maintenance of renewable energy projects. Founded in 2007, the company has a proven track record developing +7.3 GW of solar photovoltaic generation projects, including reference industrial clients in Europe and Latin America.  The company connected its first parks in 2023, becoming an Independent Energy Producer. Enerside employs more than 100 experienced professionals and has an international presence in high-growth markets in the solar photovoltaic industry, including Italy, Brazil, Spain and Chile. 

Key Figures

Our data

Enerside has generated a high quality PV solar pipeline of +7.3GW well diversified in Spain and in fast-growing Latin-American markets.

Capacity MWOwnership
Opportunities under analysis>5,0000%
Projects in Early Stage461100%
Projects in Advanced development 1648100%
Projects RTB538100%
Under construction190%
In operation210%

Vision, Mission and Values

In a world with ever increasing energetic needs, viable, profitable and sustainable solutions are needed. Enerside is committed to offering renewable energy solutions that empower local communities, industries and investors, to be autonomous and have a financial return while taking care of the planet. 


Enerside is committed to providing quality service not only to its clients but also to the communities where its actions have an impact.


Enerside’s strong business ethics are core and reflected wherever the company is involved.


Enerside is respectful of and values diversity among its employees and also in the countries where it operates.


Since its foundation in 2007 by Joatham Grange, Enerside has become a fast-growing company that has acquired extensive knowledge and experience across the entire value chain of solar power plants. 

Today Enerside has a successful growth story with a sound track record of projects with top notch clients and counterparties.

Main milestones since 2007:

Antoni Gasch was enrolled on the project as a partner providing strong know-how and track record in the solar sector.

Tomàs Casanovas backs the company, becomes Chairman of the Board and the company is transformed to a fully integrated platform.

Enerside opens office in Brazil with 143 MW under development.

Enerside opens office in Chile with 40MW of EPC projects.

Pedro Nueno, becomes Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Luis Felipe Suarez-Olea invests in the company in order to finance the internationalization and becomes member of the Board.

Enerside opens office in Uruguay with 200MW under development.
Enerside opens office in the Caribbean region with 3 awarded projects by the World Bank.

Enerside opens office in Peru.

In 2020 new investors join the company in order to accelerate the business plan and Anna Birulés joins the Board of Directors as independent member.

Our Pipeline increased more than 1GW both in the geographies where we are already present and in new countries.

Enerside inaugurated new offices in Belo Horizonte, Santiago, Madrid and Barcelona.

Publication of the first Sustainability Report and adherence to the United Nations Global Compact.

Obtaining ISO certifications for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety in Spain.

IPO in March, being the first company of the year in BME Growth, opening with an evaluation of 204 million euros and raising 35 million euros.

Enerside is building 4 of its own projects in Chile and in Brazil, which makes us an IPP

Assignment of PPA with Raízen, the largest sugar company in the world, for one of our own projects of Geração Distribuída in Brazil.

Obtaining ISO Certificates for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety in Spain, Chile and Brazil and for all lines of business, thus standardizing the global processes of the company.

Anna Ma Birulés, appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enerside Energy.

Enerside has been converted into IPP through the connection of its 4 own projects in Chile and Brazil.

Enerside consolidates itself as one of the Spanish leaders in Italy with 2.6 GW in solar photovoltaic projects.

Enerside agrees its first green bond issue for up to €5m.

Enerside commits to socially responsible employment and becomes part of the Integra Foundation.

A fully integrated solar PV platform

Value Chain

Enerside is a leading vertically integrated solar PV player focused on the development, engineering, construction, operation and management of solar PV plants worldwide.


Development of photovoltaic solar projects throughout all its value chain reaching a Ready-to-Build status, obtaining all the permits, licenses and authorizations required to start the construction. Development includes market research for new opportunities, power capacity research, land research and permitting, licensing and PPA negotiation.


Third well-known parties that have had the opportunity to analyse our projects in a Due Diligence process, have recognized unanimously our excellence in work.


Working on utility scale projects, Enerside has one of the tightest development costs on the market having internalized the main core activities.

Client porfolio

Enerside has a portfolio of high value clients. The top quality standards of our work has built a long-term relationship with those clients, triggering them to repeat the “Enerside experience”.

Construction (EPC)

Construction includes technology and engineering, procurement of key components (e.g. solar panels, inverters, substructures) and logistics, construction & commissioning.

Operation and Maintenace (O&M)

Operations includes monitoring, maintenance and repair of the solar power plants to maximize performance and availability. The asset is operated and maintained (preventively and correctively) with the best quality and security standards in order to ensure the most efficient production, maximizing income.


The company connected its first parks in 2023, becoming an Independent Energy Producer.

Asset management

As a high-quality and cost-efficient developer, Enerside is capable of linking the activities of development, EPC and O&M; maximizing profitability of the project lifecycle. The ability to detect synergies allows Enerside to obtain additional income while operating assets.

Internal project finance and PPA negotiation

In-house knowledge with capacity to propose innovative solutions and financial structures. Expertise in PPA negotiation with proven track record closing energy sale contracts.

The project of our lives

Experienced and highly devoted management team with deep industry knowledge and a proven track record of developing solar PV projects worldwide since 2007.

Complaints Channel

Enerside Energy S.A. wants to provide a specific communication channel that serves as an instrument to express any possible irregularity, breach or behaviour contrary to ethics, legality and the rules that govern the company. All complaints made through this channel may be anonymous. In addition to this electronic medium, complaints can also be sent to the following postal address: Calle Tuset 3, 3, 08006 Barcelona.