In a world with ever increasing energetic needs, viable, profitable and sustainable solutions are needed

Three main areas

 Our main areas of activity are: development, services and IPP.


Development of photovoltaic solar projects throughout all its value chain reaching a Ready-to-Build status, obtaining all the permits, licenses and authorizations required to start the construction. Market research for new opportunities.


Pipeline of +7.3 GW, of which +400 MW are currently on RTB status. The company’s business plan aims to develop 1 GW per year.


Third well-known parties that have had the opportunity to analyse our projects in a Due Diligence process, have recognized unanimously our excellence in work.


Working on utility scale projects, Enerside has one of the tightest development costs on the market having internalized the main core activities.

Client portfolio

Enerside has a portfolio of high value clients. The top quality standards of our work has built a long-term relationship with those clients, triggering them to repeat the “Enerside experience”.


Enerside is proud to provide high-quality services to top-notch clients worldwide. Competitiveness and customer focus are key factors to generate engagement and fosters clients to rely on us again.


From RTB to COD. Building the PV solar park and taking it to the stage when the asset can be connected to the grid and start generating power.


The asset is operated and maintained (preventively and correctively) with the best quality and security standards in order to ensure the most efficient production, maximizing income.

Energy consultancy

Enerside applies to its customers all its knowledge in order to achieve the best energetic solutions.

Power Producer

Enerside has an asset ownership strategy and is committed to perform as an IPP Platform.

Asset management

As a high-quality and cost-efficient developer, Enerside is capable of linking the activities of development, EPC and O&M; maximizing profitability of the project lifecycle. The ability to detect synergies allows Enerside to obtain additional income while operating assets.

Internal project finance and PPA negotiation

In-house knowledge with capacity to propose innovative solutions and financial structures. Expertise in PPA negotiation with proven track record closing energy sale contracts.

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