• The three projects, which have been recently acquired, are currently in the processing phase, all having secured grid connection and land.
  • The company, with projects also under development in Brazil, Chile, Spain, and Uruguay, diversifies and thus increases its pipeline to 4.5 GW.
  • Enerside, a vertically integrated solar PV platform, aims to operate 1 GW of installed capacity as an independent power producer.

Barcelona, March 16th, 2022.- Enerside Energy, a company that began trading on BME Growth on March 4th, will develop three new PV solar projects in Italy, adding 880 MW to its project portfolio.

Two of the parks are located on the island of Sardinia, one of 440 MW and another of 220 MW and the third in the region of La Puglia, also of 220 MW. All three are areas of high solar irradiation and have assured land and secured grid connection. In fact, one of the parks, Palmadula, which is the largest of the three, has just obtained permission to connect to the electricity grid from the country’s public operator. This park also includes the development of an energy storage system for 40 MW.

The incorporation of these parks to its portfolio allows Enerside to diversify its pipeline of projects under development in addition to the 3.6 GW it already has in Brazil, Chile, Spain, and Uruguay, and the 40 MW of another project also recently acquired in Tenerife (Canary Islands) which will be used to develop its strategy as an independent power producer, with the aim of operating up to 1GW of installed capacity by 2025.

One of the areas with the greatest potential for photovoltaic growth

“Italy is a market with large expectations of installed capacity and with important growth plans thanks to favorable conditions for renewable energies such as high solar irradiance, so we are interested in continuing to acquire and develop projects in this market,” explains the CEO and founder of Enerside, Joatham Grange.

About Enerside

Enerside is a vertically integrated company in the photovoltaic solar energy sector, which stands out for its strong industrial profile and geographical diversification in the markets with the greatest potential for solar energy (Spain, Italy, Brazil and Chile).

Enerside is currently immersed in promoting the development of 4.5 GW in differentiated, highly qualified projects with an advanced degree of maturity that give it an excellent position to capture demand growth and a large capacity to generate value, through the sale of projects in the RTB (Ready To Build) phase and with the direct exploitation of part of the pipeline as an independent energy producer (IPP).

2021 was a transformative year for the company after reaching several business milestones that allowed it to make a very relevant qualitative leap, fully integrating into its revenues the construction of projects for third parties (EPC) and the sale of its own projects in the RTB phase, which capture the value generated through the company’s distinctive industrial know-how.

For this year, 2022, the company estimates a significant growth in revenues to stand above 40 million euros, and an EBITDA of more than 3 million euros. To date, Enerside has more than 60% visibility of these objectives, thanks to already signed EPC/BOS contracts with clients of recognized prestige.

Management team with high experience in the sector and top-level governance

The company has a Board of Directors, in accordance with the best practices of international corporate governance, which includes three independent directors. In addition, it has a management team with great experience and solvency in the energy sector that has been working together for several years.

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