Àlvar Pérez

Àlvar Pérez is a Building Engineer from the UPC and a master’s degree in Renewable Energy Management and Engineering at the University of Barcelona. With more than 7 years of experience in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Energy Efficiency and ERNC, he has performed his functions in commercial and business development areas in energy … Read more

Maximino Canitrot

Maximino Canitrot is a professional with extensive experience in project management, developing mainly in the large mining and real estate industry, holding the positions of Chief, Superintendent and Project Manager.

Wilfredo Salazar

Wilfredo Salazar, who holds a degree in Public Accounting from the Andrés Bello Catholic University, is an accounting analyst and brings experience in the financial area.

David Garrido

David Garrido is an Architecture student with training in BIM and has experience in electrical transmission lines, Telecommunications and renewable energy projects.

Alexis Palacios

Alexis Palacios is an Engineer in Automotive Mechanics, Machinery and Electronic Systems from Universidad Tecnológica de Chile (Inacap), with knowledge also in the area of ​​IT and telecommunications. He has experience in the construction of PMGD and industrial plants for more than 9 MW.

Katherine González

Katherine González has been an Electricity Engineer in the national electricity market for 9 years, with 3 years of experience in ERNC – mainly PMGD projects, both in the engineering stage and on-site execution works. In addition, she has also had experiences as a Contract Administrator, ITO on site and Project Manager. Katherine has great … Read more

Diego Corvalán

Diego Corvalán has a degree in Engineering from the University of Santiago de Chile. He is part of the technical department performing his functions as Quality Engineer.

Josefina Mella

Josefina Mella, with a double degree in Industrial Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering in Energy and Environment at the Adolfo Ibañez University, has experience in the electrical area and project development. Josefina is Project Developer at Enerside, specialized in PMGD projects and general development procedures from Greenfield to RTB.

Lorena Schnettler

Lorena Schnettler is a journalist with a degree from Universidad del Desarrollo (Santiago de Chile). She is part of the People Department of Enerside Chile; directly developing its management with the employees of the Chilean subsidiary to facilitate the daily work experience, providing a wide range of support and advice from the People area, helping … Read more

José Torres

José Torres is an Electrical Engineer (Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica “Antonio José de Sucre” UNEXPO in Venezuela) with 5 years of experience in management, control and technical development of projects. His professional development has focused on electrical substations and medium and high voltage transmission lines, in EPC projects; as well as some PMGD projects, with … Read more