Anna- Maria Birulés


With a broad professional and academic career, is very focused on industry and energy, technological innovation and venture capital. Former Civil Servant both in the Government of Spain and in Industry and Energy in the Generalitat of Catalunya. She was Minister of Science and Technology – industry, unregulated energy, telecommunications, audiovisual and science – chairing the corresponding 4 Councils of Ministers of the EU. Her private experience, as board member, is broad and diverse, across sectors and geographies. Has led corporate operations and has taken companies public, has broken monopolies, such as telephony, has solid experience in the financial sector and has promoted the sustainability of large infrastructures with renewable energy and public-private collaboration.

She is and has been patron of several Foundations and member of university councils and business associations and is linked to the leading business schools, IESE and ESADE.

PhD, cum laude, in Economics from the University of Barcelona and PhD (c) in Economics, from the University of California, Berkeley.