High Quality

+2.5 GW pipeline geographically diversified in different maturity stages

How we work

Clean and sustainable energy

Enerside develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains power plants that generate clean and reliable electricity. Electricity is vital for the economic growth of nations and for human welfare. We strive to increase access to clean, affordable, and renewable electricity generation in our markets. Sustainability is an integral part of our organisation and embedded in all business units.

Local value creation

Community engagement

Since our founding, we have gained considerable experience in working with local communities in different countries. 

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, both directly and indirectly. We strive to employ local labour, identify needs in local communities for our community development programmes and maintain open and transparent dialogue with relevant stakeholders. 

Solar power plants have an impact on local communities. The changes are usually positive, bringing social, economic, and infrastructure improvements, but the possibility of unintended consequences cannot be overlooked. The potential impact includes physical and economic displacement, changes in vegetation and infrastructure and increased activity levels in the area. During construction, consequences such as traffic, noise and dust are considered limited and effectively mitigated where and if there are communities nearby. 

Solid interaction with our project neighbours and the establishment of good relations are therefore essential. In all of our operating projects, we have local community engagement and impact assessments.

Resources for ESG analysts and investors

We are committed to transparent communication to enable analysts, investors and other stakeholders to analyse and compare our performance.

Corporate policies and documents

All corporate policies and documents can be downloaded below.

Quality Policy

The main objective of the corporate Quality Policy is to provide an excellent service to all interested parts (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.) in accordance with the corporate values of service, ethics and respect. Guaranteed always that the legal and other applicable requirements are met and that it satisfies the expectations of the interested parties.

To comply with this Policy, the Enerside team has a strong commitment to continuously improve performance and reinforce stakeholder trust.

Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy


In accordance with this Quality Policy, Quality Objectives are established at all levels, and the degree of compliance is monitored so that it can be measured on an ongoing basis.


To provide confidence to stakeholders and investors that asset quality and return on assets (PPI) targets will be met.


To be a company where people can develop both personally and professionally in the best environment, where there is a sense of belonging for a purpose: to improve the world we live in.


To satisfy customer needs through a service committed to quality and trust.


Enable suppliers to have a stable and long-term relationship.


To develop sustainable, cost-effective and high quality environmental projects for Enerside and its partners.


To have transparent and accountable Corporate Governance in decision-making and governance.

Enerside, through its Quality Committee and Management Boards, regularly reviews the
quality management system, identifies areas for improvement, and defines and implements
the action plan to meet the Quality Objectives.

Consistent with its responsibilities, the company will provide the necessary resources for compliance with this Policy.

Ethical Box

Enerside Energy S.L. wants to provide a specific communication channel that serves as an instrument to express any possible irregularity, breach or behaviour contrary to ethics, legality and the rules that govern the company. All complaints made through this channel may be anonymous. In addition to this electronic medium, complaints can also be sent to the following postal address: Calle Tuset 3, 4-2, 08006 Barcelona.