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Sustainability Report 2023


Enerside is certified as an Integrated Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management System under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Through its Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Committee and the Management Bodies, it periodically reviews the system, detects areas for improvement, and defines and implements the action plan to meet the objectives.

Commitment to sustainability

Clean and sustainable energy

In a world with ever-increasing energy needs, viable, cost-effective and sustainable solutions are required. Enerside is committed to providing renewable energy solutions that empower local communities, businesses, and investors to become autonomous and earn a financial return while caring for the planet. For Enerside, sustainability is an integral part of our organization and is embedded across all business units.

Enerside is fully committed to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to compliance with the 10 Global Compact Principles, core standards on human rights, labour, environmental and anti-corruption standards.

Enerside, in accordance with this commitment, works with a comprehensive approach that incorporates the principles of sustainability considering environmental, social and economic aspects throughout its value chain, establishing goals related to the SDGs, and measuring and reporting performance.

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs to which Enerside contributes the most are 7, 8 and 9, although the company has a greater or lesser impact on the 11 listed in the figure:

Material analysis

Out of all the sustainability goals identified that impact our business and our stakeholders, the following 15 material aspects are prioritized.


I. Sustainable energy systems
II. Climate change
III. Environmental impacts
IV. Circular economy
V. Biodiversity


VI. Retention and attraction of talent
VII. Diversity and equal opportunities
VIII. Human rights
IX. Local Communities
X. Safety and health


XI. Financial strength and growth
XII. Sustainable financing
XIII. Business ethics and regulatory compliance
XIV. Security and digitalization
XV. Transparency

Corporate Information

After defining the 15 fundamental challenges for Enerside, the company developed a Sustainability Plan for the period 2021-2025 whose objective is to achieve maximum excellence in ESG aspects and thus contribute to the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.

This Plan is made up of 15 Programmes strategically organised into three distinct categories: environmental, social and governance. Each of these programs has been designed with the purpose of effectively addressing the challenges identified, thus ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable commitment to the improvement of the company in these crucial aspects.

Enerside, as a fully integrated solar photovoltaic platform, is characterized by its inherent positive contribution to the fight against climate change. Through the generation of energy from solar sources, Enerside not only minimizes dependence on fossil fuels, but also plays a leading role in the transformation towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy matrix.

The monitoring of this Sustainability Plan can be consulted in the Sustainability Reports, which are published annually.

Corporate Policies

We are committed to transparent communication to enable analysts, investors and other stakeholders to analyse and compare our performance.


Corporate Policies

All Corporate Policies can be downloaded below:

Ethics and Compliance

Clean and sustainable energy

Enerside has a Compliance Program, Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Code in order to ensure the company complies with, and ensures its employees, Managers, Board Members and shareholders comply with, the governing ethical principles of the company, through the implementation of equality, diversity and anti-harassment policies, as well as monitoring and ensuring the application of the legal policy in force regarding anticorruption and occupational health and safety. In addition, there is an Ethics Inbox on the company’s website available to everyone involved in the company to be able to communicate any wrongdoing either personally

Complaints Channel

Enerside Energy S.A. wants to provide a specific communication channel that serves as an instrument to express any possible irregularity, breach or behaviour contrary to ethics, legality and the rules that govern the company. All complaints made through this channel may be anonymous. In addition to this electronic medium, complaints can also be sent to the following postal address: Calle Tuset 3, 3, 08006 Barcelona.