• The listing on BME Growth would include all of the company’s shares, including the new shares issued within the context of the transaction.
  • Enerside is a fully integrated platform in the photovoltaic solar energy sector and is noted for its robust industrial profile and geographic diversification in the markets with the greatest potential for solar energy (Spain, Italy, Brazil and Chile).
  • With a project portfolio of 4.5 GW, it has a profitable and competitive model based on generating synergies between three complementary business areas: the development of projects; the provision of construction, operation and maintenance services for third parties; and the production of energy as an independent power producer (IPP).

Enerside Energy, S.A. (“Enerside” or the “Company”) today announcesits intention to proceed with an offering (the “Offering”) of newly issued ordinary shares (the “New Shares”) with the aim of raising gross proceeds of approximately €40 million to finance its business plan. The final details of the Offering will be described in an Informative Document of Incorporation that the Company will file with BME Growth for approval and registration (the “DIIM”).

The Company intends to list all of its shares, including the New Shares, on the BME Growth trading segment of BME MTF Equity (“BME Growth”).

Industrial and highly qualified profile

Since its inception in 2007, Enerside has built photovoltaic installations in Spain, Chile and Brazil for highly prestigious clients. It is currently building 126 MW for third parties and also manages the operation and maintenance (O&M) of 21 MW of solar plants for third parties, mostly awarded to projects built by the Company. In addition, at the end of 2021, the Company began construction of its first PMGDs projects in Chile, totalling 26 MW.

This background lends it a unique and differential industrial track record that has enabled it to develop an important portfolio of its own projects for sale or direct exploitation as IPP. The experience and knowledge of its team (more than 60% of its staff are technicians and engineers) allows it to carry out all the development of the projects internally, from generating the opportunity, to relying on its local teams in the markets in which it operates, and at a very competitive cost. In this manner, it creates high value when selling the projects in the Ready to Build (RTB) or Commercial Operation Date (COD) phase and also when operating the plants as an independent power producer (IPP).

Qualified, mature, highly visible pipeline

The Company has a pipeline of 4.5 GW under development, highly qualified and at an advanced stage of maturity thanks to the high visibility of its projects. A total of 3 GW, 70% of its current pipeline of projects under development, have reached or will reach the RTB phase during 2022-2023, i.e. they are in the final phase, where licences, authorizations, environmental permits, the necessary land rights for construction, operation and evacuation of the plant are already secured. It also has an additional 3.4 GW of identified acquisition-led growth opportunities.

Enerside has an asset rotation strategy in RTB or COD that will involve selling an important part of the pipeline in RTB phase and staying up to 1Gw to operate as an independent power producer.

Geographical diversification in markets with high potential

Unlike other players in the sector with origins in Spain, Enerside presents an advanced degree of internationalization and geographic diversification, with an excellent positioning in the most promising markets for photovoltaic energy production in Europe and Latin America, such as Spain, Italy, Brazil and Chile.

Management team with extensive experience in the industry and top-level governance

The Company has a Board of Directors, in accordance with international corporate governance best practices, which includes three independent directors. In addition, it has a management team with great experience and solvency in the energy sector that has been working together for several years.

For Enerside’s CEO and founding partner, Joatham Grange, “the Company is ready to take the step to go to market, a moment for which we have been preparing for some time. It has been a year and a half since we joined the Pre-Market environment, in the Growth segment, which is aimed at companies with a longer track record in all these types of sectors, and we have made progress in our corporate governance by complying with the recommendations of Good Governance and the incorporation of independent directors to our Board of Directors.”

“So far we have been financed mainly from privatecapital increases, but the Company is at a very mature stage and needs to make more relevant investments to carry out the construction of its IPP projects”, adds Joatham Grange, who also highlights that “the 2021 financial year has been transformational for the Company, as it reached several business milestones that allowed it to make a relevant qualitative leap in revenue with the sale of its first project in Brazil, last October”.


The transaction will be managed by ALANTRA EQUITIES SOCIEDAD DE VALORES, S.A., as Sole Global Coordinator and Joint Bookrunner, RENTA 4 BANCO, S.A. and ANDBANK ESPAÑA, S.A.U., as Joint Bookrunners. Likewise, RENTA 4 BANCO, S.A., will act as Agent Entity of the Offering and as Liquidity Provider (hereinafter, interchangeably, the “Joint Bookrunners”, or, respectively, the “Agent Entity” or the “Liquidity Provider”).

The advisors to the issuer are Renta 4 Corporate, S.A., in their capacity as registered advisor, and Latham & Watkins LLP, as advisor on the legal aspects of the Offer. Linklaters, S.L.P. is the legal advisor to the Joint Bookrunners.

Once approved, the DIIM will be published and made available on BME Growth’s website (https://www.bmegrowth.es).

More information at  www.enerside.com

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Laura Sabaté

Project Manager


Telf. 616 952 066

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